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Thoughtful Thursdays: Be Kind 2 Your Bridesmaids

2 May

While Thoughtful Thursdays’ are mainly for being thoughtful about the environment, this post is going to be both for the environment and those ladies you call your bridesmaids.  Your maids are obviously in your wedding because you love them dearly, at least we hope that is the case.  So you should really treat them as so.  While they are there to help you, they aren’t your actual maids and servants.  Take off your Bridezilla panties and act like a friend.  Yes, it is  your day, but who wants to be remembered as THE WORST BRIDE EVER!   


One of the worst things you can do is pick your maids and decide that they need to wear a HIDEOUS dress that they can never ever ever wear again and had to pay $250 for.  Not only is this rude, but it’s quite wasteful.  Why not pick out dresses that they can wear again, instead of having them stuff their closets full of monstrosities to never see the light of day again?  No one wants to be Katherine Heigl in ‘27 Dresses‘.  Except for maybe the fact that she ends up with James Marsden’s character.

Also, please remember that not every lady is a size 2 like the models in the pages of those glossy bridal magazines.  We’re not all the same shape, size or color.  Yes color…some colors are just not meant to be on certain skin tones.  So while, you may think “OMG! This is the best dress EVER!” and squeal with delight to that citron yellow beauty of a dress.  That is not going to look good on the majority of people and it will come back to bite you in the booty when you see your wedding photographs and someone is sticking out like a sore thumb.  The same goes for size and shape.  You don’t want your busty BFF to be wearing a strapless dress that her girls are trying to escape from all night and having to wrangle them in, like a group of cattle, while simultaneously having boob tube.  Not familiar with that term? It’s when a ladies front side literally looks like a tube of breakfast sausage that you get at the grocery.  IT IS NOT BECOMING.  


Also remember, if you make your single friends wear ugly dresses at your wedding, it WILL come back to haunt you!  They will forever remember your awful dress and when it comes to their wedding, you may be in the same boat.  Let’s break this silly cycle ladies.  Have your maids get dresses that they can wear again, while looking good on them.  Give your wedding some personality and have them wear different dresses in different colors that all coordinate together.  Your pictures will end up looking much more natural and comfortable. 

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